How to Qualify an IPE Activity

Submit an Activity Proposal to the Qualifying Committee

The Columbia Commons IPE Steering Committee has appointed three interprofessional members to serve on a rotating Qualifying Committee. The Qualifying Committee is responsible for reviewing proposal applications and grading activities using the Columbia University IPE Activity Evaluation Rubric (adapted from Creighton University).

Columbia University IPE Activity Evaluation Rubric

The Evaluation Rubric includes three sections.

Section A: Process and Content Criteria outlines how the learning occurs and what is being learned within the activity.

Section B: Evaluation Criteria outlines how the activity is assessed and what is being measured in the assessment method(s). Within each of these sections, there are criteria that are awarded points on a three-point scale (0 – 5 – 10). You must earn a minimum of 15 Process Points, 5 Content Points, and 5 Evaluation Points to reach the minimum 25 Grand Total Points.

And finally, Section C: Exclusion Criteria outlines the conditions that disqualify an activity from review. To be eligible for review, your IPE Activity must include at least 2 student professions, address at least 2 IPEC Core Competencies, and have an assessment component. If your activity does not meet these eligibility requirements, your proposal will be rejected. If your activity does meet these minimal eligibility requirements, our Qualifying Committee will review your proposal within a month of submission.

Please review the Evaluation Rubric, and when ready, contact Jordana Vanderselt at for access to the IPE Activity Proposal.