IPE Student Advisory Board (SAB)

Once a month, the IPE Student Advisory Board (SAB) hosts an event open to all students that combines learning, food, and fun. Events are centered around a specific health topic and enriched by the multiple perspectives in the room. The SAB strives for each student to leave the event with:

  • An enhanced awareness of their own role on a health care team
  • Realistic expectations of other professionals on a health care team
  • A better understanding of how communication with other health professionals helps to provide quality care to patients
  • A stronger grasp of the challenges faced when working in interprofessional teams
  • A better understanding of how knowledge of interprofessional roles helps to mitigate challenges and improve teamwork


Please email columbiaipesab@gmail.com if you would like to join the IPE SAB listserv to stay in-the-know about upcoming monthly events.

You can also follow our Instagram page @columbiaipe!