National Institutes of Health, R25

Enacting the Behavioral and Social Sciences in the Clinical Setting: Institution-Wide Teaching of Effective Team-Based Patient Care

Led by Dr. Rita Charon with the collaboration of VP&S and Weill-Cornell Medical College.

The R25 successor to VP&S' K07 project continued the effort to strengthen the teaching of social sciences and behavioral sciences in the medical school by emphasizing the roles of the teaching hospitals and the entire health care team in our teaching. The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, the major teaching hospital of VP&S, was our sphere of action. Since NewYork-Presbyterian is the main teaching site for two medical schools, VP&S and Weill Cornell Medical College, we expanded our project to include Weill Cornell as our partner. Together, Columbia and Cornell shaped the clinical training our students received in our shared hospital and helped our students to learn more effectively about the social and behavioral aspects of illness. The primacy of the power of stories in education and the influence of narrative actions on learning guided our work. Conceptual frameworks from narrative medicine, reflective practice, and relationship-centered care supported our work toward all specific aims, and the narrative methods and metrics developed during K07 were used in our work.

Grant Duration: 2015 – 2017