The ELSI Virtual Forum

June 15-16, 2020, #ELSIvirtual

ELSIcon 2020: 30 Years of the Genome: Integrating and Applying ELSI Research

Due to the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic and its uncertain trajectory, the 5th ELSI Congress has been postponed until 2021. We deeply regret the cancellation of the extraordinary accepted presentations for ELSIcon2020. Until the next full ELSI Congress in 2021, we hope that the ELSI Virtual Forum, on June 15-16, 2020, will provide a welcoming space for our ELSI community to gather together and share information.

The Forum is free, but registration is required. Please click here to register.

Access the ELSI Virtual Forum schedule here.

We invite you to join our virtual community for a conference that includes the keynote, plenary and selected panel sessions from the original meeting schedule – a total of eight sessions over two days. Each session will include a half-hour audience Q&A with the speakers. We look forward to an enriching discussion and debate of ELSI issues!

Keynote and Plenary Talks

  • Integrating ELSI and Genomics: Past Present and Future  

  • Polygenic Risk Scores & Behavioral Traits: Interrogating the Science & Ethics

  • CRISPR and Human Identity: Governing Germline Gene Editing

  • Ethical Frameworks for Research Collaboration with Indigenous Communities

Panel Presentations                                                   

  • Studying America’s Eugenics Era through an ELSI Lens: Data, Context, and Relevance 

  • New Models for Ethical AI in Precision Medicine: Empirical and Normative ELSI Inquiry    

  • Engaging Participants as Partners: ELSI Considerations in Large-Scale Precision Medicine Research  

  • To Catch a Killer: Law Enforcement Uses of DNA Databases