Who Are We Now and Where Are We Going?: Recalibrating Your Purpose in Healthcare

Stephanie Adler Yuan (MS), E. Angela Heller (LMSW), and Sonia Scott (LMSW)

During this experiential workshop, participants will engage in the practice of Schwartz Rounds, a structured forum for interprofessional conversation focusing on the social and emotional experiences of giving care. The Schwartz Rounds, a program of the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare, originated at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1997 and have since been adopted by more than 600 healthcare organizations around the world, including CUIMC. Schwartz Rounds have been shown to increase compassion towards patients and families as well as healthcare colleagues, and to improve the psychological wellbeing of participants. (Lown 2010; Maben 2018)


The workshop will be led by Sonia Scott and Angie Heller, New York Presbyterian social workers and seasoned facilitators of the Schwartz Rounds program at CUIMC, as well as Stephanie Adler Yuan, Lecturer in the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia and Director of Programs at the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare.


• 10 mins: Introductions: Facilitators, Students, Session
• 5 mins: Introduction to Schwartz Rounds; Request for Volunteer Panelists (2)
• 10 mins: Panelist preparation with two facilitators in a breakout room, with remaining facilitator leading discussion among remaining participants in main room
• 40 mins: Schwartz Rounds (panelist stories followed by facilitated discussion)
• 10 mins: Debrief