Primary Care From the Primary Care Physician to the Primary Care Team, Why it Matters?

Lucille M. Torres-Deas (MD), Erica Lizardi (MSN, RN-BC), Claudia Castaneda Tinoco (RD, CDN, CDCES, CLC), and Yolande Mitchell (Patient Financial Assistant Ambulatory Care Network)

The pandemic highlighted health inequities across the board and the need for access to evidence-based primary care. Primary care delivers care to every patient population, bridging the gap in access to the underserved, vulnerable, and marginalized patient populations, and treating stigmatized health conditions. Treatment of substance abuse, mental health, end-of-life, women's health, obesity, and LGBTQ are only a few examples that have been integrated into primary care. We aim to elucidate the value and importance of interprofessional care in the future of primary care, healthcare worker well-being, patient health and wellbeing outcomes, and population health.


During this workshop, the Washington Heights Family Health Center Internal Medicine Primary Care team will discuss their experience working in a clinic in the community and with each other to meet the needs of our patients. Together, we find creative solutions to ensure ethical, responsive, and accountable care for this vulnerable patient population.