Teaching COVID-19

Resources for Research, Practice, and Teaching

Syllabi & Teaching Tools

Social Science Research Council | #coronavirussyllabus

American Sociological Association | COVID-19 Resources for Sociologists

American Sociological Association, Disability & Society Section | Disability and COVID19 through a Sociological Lens

Science as Culture | Science & Technology Studies (STS) Resources on #coronavirus

Teaching and Learning Anthropology | Teaching COVID-19:  An Anthropology Syllabus Project

Duke University Press |  Navigating the Threat of Pandemic Syllabus

California Coalition for Women Prisoners |  #COVID19 Decarcerate Syllabus: A Political Education Resource

Black Women Radicals | Black Feminist Perspectives on COVID-19: A Reading List

Institutional Resources

Social Science Research Council | COVID-19 and the Social Sciences

Voices in Bioethics | COVID-19 Resources

Center for Practical Bioethics | Pandemic Resources

COVID Tracking Project and the Antiracist Research & Policy Center at Boston University | The COVID Racial Data Tracker

Harvard University | GenderSci Lab COVID Project

Columbia University, Department of Biostatistics | The DSCovr Dashboard

Social Medicine Consortium | Toolkit for Teaching Social Medicine

Harvard University | Black American Experiences during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Hastings Center | Ethics Resources on the Coronavirus

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security | COVID-19 Updates

Center for Science in the Public Interest | COVID-19 Evidence Hub

Environment & Society Portal | Pandemics in Context