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About CERA

CERA, launched in Fall 2019, is an interdisciplinary center with the twin goals of establishing a reliable digital platform - ELSIhub -  for scientists, scholars, policymakers, journalists, and the general public to learn about research on the ethical, legal and social implications of genetics and genomics (ELSI research) and fostering a community of multi-disciplinary researchers focused on high priority ELSI issues. Funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute, ELSIhub|CERA is managed by teams at Stanford and Columbia Universities in partnership with The Hastings Center and Harvard University.

About ELSIhub

ELSIhub provides a wealth of resources for the ELSI community. Featuring a growing ELSI Publications database of ELSI research, ELSIhub hosts the ELSI Scholars Directoryresearch tools, videos and webinars, funding opportunities, job listings, events, newsletters, and a new monthly lecture series - ELSI Friday Forum

About the ELSI Friday Forum - CERA's new seminar series

ELSI Friday Forum is a monthly one-hour seminar series featuring topics on ELSI research. Join us from 12:00-1:00 pm ET / 9:00-10:00 am PT on the second Friday of each month for talks and panels on a broad array of issues, explored through an ELSI lens.

The ELSI Friday Forum series kicked off on November 13, 2020 with “Structural Racism and Genomics in the Time of COVID.” This conversation features Dayna Bowen Matthew, JD, PhD, Dean and Harold H. Greene Professor of Law at George Washington University and Vence L. Bonham, Jr, JD, Senior Advisor to the NHGRI Director on Genomics and Health Disparities and Associate Investigator, Social and Behavioral Research Branch at NHGRI. Watch the recording here.

The conversation continues on December 11 on “Addressing Racism in Research and Clinical Practice” with panelists Rhea Boyd, MD, MPH, pediatrician and public health advocate who serves as the chief medical officer of San Diego 211, and as the director of equity and justice for The California Children’s Trust; Daphne Martschenko, PhD, postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics; and Robert D. Steiner, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Genetics in Medicine. Register here for December 11.

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