NMED StudioLab Journalism Workshop Application Form

E-mail your responses to the following application with writing sample to: Rita Charon (rac5@columbia.edu)  & Stephen Fried (stephenfried@comcast.net). Call 917-748-7812 for questions.




Email and phone:

Please answer the following questions in up to 200 words per answer:

  1. If you have writing/reporting training or experience in nonfiction work, please tell us about them.
  2. What are the particular topics or issues you think you’d want to write about?
  3. What non-medical publications do you read for news and features on medical issues?
  4. What medical journalist or physician/writers’ work interests you, in publications or books?
  5. What are your hopes for your future work as a nonfiction writer?

Please attach or copy in a writing sample. If you have been published in the general media, include that: if you have not (which is perfectly fine) try to include something written to engage a general audience (for example, something reported and explanatory, or something describing your medical training or work.)