Cartoon panel from "Are We Ever Really Recovered?"

Are We Ever Really Recovered?

A Graphic Medicine Comic by Incoming Narrative Medicine Masters Student Gianna Paniagua

December 14, 2023

Gianna Paniagua is a two-time heart transplant recipient of 30+ years, papercutting sculptor, and graphic medicine artist who is from and based in NYC. She utilizes her lifetime of experiences in medicine to create artwork about the dualities of the human body, as well as comics that ask questions about the chronic illness patient experience. The core of her practice is trying to find a visual vocabulary when there is loss of language due to medical trauma. Her lifelong goal is to find solutions to problems that exist in the field of transplantation for young adult patients."Are We Ever Really Recovered?" is a graphic medicine comic about recovery from the lens of her own life living as a two time heart. (See the graphic medicine comic here