Medical Marijuana in Healthcare

Michelle Skelton (Dental Student), George Lin (Dental Student), Sarah Estrada (Nursing Student), and Jyoti Kumar (Public Health Student)

The “Medical Marijuana in Healthcare” workshop takes a holistic approach to the applications, benefits, and drawbacks of medical marijuana treating a patient with complex medical health needs. Students will have the opportunity to interact with one another through decision-making processes and learn the value of multiple perspectives in the healthcare system. Students attending this workshop will learn the physiology of the endogenous cannabinoid system and describe the impact of cannabis on cognitive function. With these biochemical foundations, we will explore the potential role of cannabis as a medical therapy for management of pain, opioid use disorder, and other medical conditions. Students will work in small groups to brainstorm uses for cannabis within their respective professional disciplines. We will identify the public health impact of recreational and medical cannabis programs and discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of those efforts. Finally, we will conclude by recognizing ongoing work of local clinicians and researchers working in the medical cannabis space.