IPE Day Escape Room

Kellie Bryant (DNP, WHNP,CHSE, FAAN), Stephanie Rozen (LCSW, CASAC), Allison Lee (MD, MS), Nancy Owen (MA, RN, CHSE), and Mary Moran (MS, FNP, MPH, RN, CCRN)

This workshop will focus consist of three components: icebreaker activity, escape room competition, and a debriefing session. The goal of this workshop is for students from different health professions to leaner about, with, and from one another. Students will be divided into 5 interdisciplinary groups. During the icebreaker, each group will discuss the commonalities among the different disciplines and the biggest and misconceptions about their profession. The  teams will then compete in an escape room competitions where they will need to work as a team to complete challenges. Each challenge is focused on a particular health discipline to allow students to learn from each other. The group must work collaboratively to solve the challenge before receiving their next clue. The first team to complete all the challenges will be deemed the winner and receive a prize. The workshop will end with a debriefing session where students will share their throughs  regarding interprofessional collaborative  practice  and lessons learned from participating in the activity.