Interprofessional Workshop on Teamwork and Communication Utilizing Standardized Patients

Beth Barron (MD) and Mahlon Stewart (PT, DPT)

One of the core components of improving interprofessional care is team communication. In a review of sentinel events communication errors were found to have contributed to over 65% of these poor outcomes. Team STEPPS is a framework that seeks to help teams become high performing and includes understanding of concepts of team structures, communication skills, leadership, situation monitoring and mutual support. In this workshop we will in introduced students to concepts of high functioning teams and the Team STEPPS framework. They will be assigned to work in groups of 4 multi-disciplinary members and work in teams. Two students will start with working together to interview a patient with a stroke who is working on decision making about their discharge plan. Two students will observe utilizing checklists based on Team STEPPS skills. After the simulation observing students will enter the room to lead a debrief of the session including feedback from the standardized patient. A large group debrief will occur brainstorming ways to improve with faculty and then teams will repeat the exercise. After the final simulation there will be time for final reflections.