The Center for ELSI Resources and Analysis: ELSIhub

ELSIhub is a collaboration between Stanford and Columbia Universities and partners at the Hastings Center and Harvard University, whose mission is to enhance the production and use of ELSI research by the ELSI community and other stakeholders. The goal of ELSIhub is to serve as a locus for resource sharing and community building to enhance the production, sharing, and use of research on the ethical, legal, and social implications of genetics and genomics ("ELSI research"), using the “knowledge to action” conceptual framework which highlights facilitators of and barriers to knowledge sharing and use. ELSIhub will be guided by the principles of responsiveness, inclusion, adaptability, rigor, transparency, and open access. It will build in responsiveness to community needs, focusing on ELSI researchers, and incorporating National Human Genome Research Institute and stakeholder input to prioritize services.

The specific aims of ELSIhub are to:

  1. Create a platform to identify, collect, index, and share ELSI research products.
  2. Provide analytic functions of curation and synthesis of ELSI research on key topics, and mapping the ELSI field.
  3. Convene a broad base of stakeholders with relevant expertise to contribute to the development of ELSIhub resources and to address emerging ELSI questions on genomics research.
  4. Engage in outreach, dissemination, and training to support the contribution to, and development and use of ELSIhub resources.