Columbia Ethics at ASBH 2022

Are you attending ASBH 2022?

Visit the Division of Ethics at Booth 325 in the Exhibit Hall, and don't miss the following presentations given by Columbia Division of Ethics faculty and associates:

Date/Time Title Location Presenters

Thursday, 27th October

8:15AM-9:30AM PT

How inclusion matters: The perceived benefits and impacts of diversity in precision medicine research Panel Presentation - Room D139-140 Nicole Foti, Caitlin McMahon, Larissa Saco, Dennis Zhang

Thursday, 27th October

9:45AM-11:00AM PT

Disability Justice in Precision Medicine and Genomic Research: Cultivating a Public Dialogue on Inclusion, Equity, and Access Panel Presentation - Room E145 Skye Miner, Kevin Mintz, Nina Roesner, Maya Sabatello

Thursday, 27th October

2:15PM-3:30PM PT

Ethics Education and Decisionmaking from Diverse Perspectives Flash Presentation - Room BR 253 Isra Abdulwadood, Michael Certo, Joyeeta Dastidar, Annie Friedrich, Tyler Gibb, Joan Madden, Ben Sarbey

Saturday, 29th October

9:30AM-10:45AM PT

Integration of ELSI and Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Biomedical Research Workshop - Room BR 255 Chessa Adsit-Morris, Dejda Collins, Sara Goering, Jenny Reardon and Sandra Soo-Jin Lee