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REACH: Reflections on Ethics and Advocacy in Child Health

Welcome to REACH: Reflections on Ethics and Advocacy in Child Health, a new quarterly section in The Journal of Pediatrics focused on ethical controversies in pediatric health, broadly understood to include clinical care, research, and the social determinants of health. The section will address the limits of parental authority and the evolving role of the maturing child in health care decision-making, health disparities, and ethical and equity issues in pediatric training, translational research, and professionalism.

The structure of the REACH section will be to publish companion manuscripts linked to a topic. Both empirical and conceptual articles will be solicited. Calls for papers on a theme will be widely distributed. Co-authorship between scientists and ethicists and between junior and senior researchers is encouraged. Researchers with suggestions for REACH topics and authors should send their ideas to Section Editors Lainie Ross at and Mary Ott at

We are now soliciting statements of interest for manuscripts on the ethics and policy issues in pediatric gender health care. Gender expansive children do not conform to their culture’s expectations for boys or girls, and pediatric gender identities cover a wide spectrum. The past decade has seen an enormous shift in the recognition of, and need for pediatricians to support gender expansive children and adolescents. An emerging subfield within child health, pediatric gender health raises a series of difficult ethical situations, including parent and child consent, timing of gender affirming care, access to care, and health inequities in care. We are interested in better understanding the range of ethical issues that arise in pediatric gender health, and are open to a range of manuscript types, including empiric studies, legal and policy analyses, and conceptual manuscripts. Commentary on the recent UK case of Bell v Tavistock on the question of whether puberty blockers could be prescribed to minors is welcome.

Please send a 1-page statement of interest and abstract to The Journal of Pediatrics’ Editorial Office at that includes the following information:

  • Title of proposed manuscript
  • Author(s) full name(s), highest academic degree(s), and affiliation(s)
  • Sources of financial assistance and/or or potential conflicts of interest
  • Structured abstract (for empirical projects) or unstructured abstract (for conceptual papers)

The deadline to submit the statement of interest and abstract is January 29, 2021. The Section Editors will review the statements of interest and abstracts and select three (3) or (4) proposals to submit a full manuscript by April 21, 2021. All full manuscript submissions will undergo peer review.

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Lainie Friedman Ross, MD, PhD, Carolyn and Matthew Bucksbaum Professor of Clinical Ethics, University of Chicago

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